We Live Here Art Show

On October 2, 2015, Homeless Children's Education Fund and its Collaborators, including Art Expression and the GLCC, coordinated an art show with youth from "Service Access for Youth." At the art show, youth exhibited and sold their work, and raised awareness of youth experiencing homelessness in the Pittsburgh region. You can hear the story of the show on the Hear Me Podcast for February 2016. With permission, here are photos of some of the work.

Trinity "Untitled"
Niecey "The Collision" Niecey "Love"
Niecey "Take Me Away"
Naya "Untitled"
Maimor "New Beginnings"
Miamor "Changes"
Kyle "Untitled"
Brenna "Untitled"
Arrow and Naya "Collaboration Six"
Arrow "Five"
Aiden "Untitled"