Sponsor a Kiosk

It’s simple. Pick a Story. Pick a Location. Make an Impact. 

The New Kiosk

Hear Me has always used interactive displays to share kids’ stories with communities and encourage community feedback to share with kids.


The new Hear Me Kiosk was designed in partnership with Visionary Effects and Laser Lab Studio. It is slightly larger than a textbook, and can mount to any wall or stand on a countertop or table. Like previous Hear Me displays, each Kiosk features Hear Me’s signature “tin can telephone.” Each can has an audio chip inside that plays one kid’s story. After listening to a story, participants write their comments on index cards and insert them into the slot on the kiosk. Responses are collected and scanned, then uploaded to hear-me.net and social media sites for the kids and world to see.

How the Sponsorship Works:

We’ll send you a portfolio of stories to choose from based on our current campaign theme. You pick your favorite neighborhood hangout to host the Hear Me Kiosk; it can be a coffee shop, café, bookstore, library or anywhere you want.


From here, you decide your level of commitment. We’re happy to set up relationships with business owners, install the display, and collect the community responses. Or, if you already have a relationship with a business, you can pitch the idea yourself.


To learn more and get involved, please contact us



  • YOUR NAME and/or COMPANY NAME on the Hear Me Kiosk
  • YOUR NAME and/or COMPANY NAME permanently listed on the Hear Me website
  • YOUR COMPANY promoted on social media sites through Hear Me
  • YOUR NAME and/or COMPANY NAME will be listed in our monthly Hear Me newsletter