Kiosk Responses from the Thomas Merton Center

On Friday October 2, The Thomas Merton Center hosted 10 Hear Me Kiosks as part of their gallery for Unblurred: First Fridays on Penn. 

Merton Center staff encouraged listeners to respond to 5 different questions posted on the kiosks and on the Merton Center Walls.

In his story, 19-year-old Jamal discusses how law enforcement targets juveniles. Listeners then answered the question,"How can we foster a positive relationship between police and youth?"

13-year-old Quinton's "Kids are Struggling" had 82 listens throughout the night and asked listeners, "How does having access to tutors affect academic performance?"

Responses included: 

After hearing stories on school climate, listeners were asked, "What makes our school community a positive and safe place for learning?" Kristen's "Security Guards and Teachers with Guns" had 80 plays and elicited the following responses:

Two kiosks featured stories from Somali-Bantu refugees on identity. Stories from Sangab and Saraji totaled 77 plays and asked listeners, "How do our personal experiences influence our identities?"

Overall the night was a success - the Kiosks totaled nearly 500 plays and elicited thoughtful responses from listeners.  Thanks to the Thomas Merton Center for hosting the kiosks and everyone who participated! 

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