Fall Activities

There is a lot going on at Hear Me this fall.

 We are preparing to launch Hear Me 101, which is exciting for us, our partners and participating schools.  

On Monday, we met with Children's hospital to talk about a potential partnership.  Jess and Ryan toured the hospital.  It was a wonderful facility filled with art and activities for kids and adults.  We talked about displays, recording and Can Pals in the hospital.  We hope to hear back from them within the month.

We are currently finishing our display for Big Dog Coffee in the south side.  It will feature 4 CanEx boxes along with large Can Pals artwork.  We will encourage participants to give us feedback with response cards.  The owners of Big Dog fully support the project and we anticipate a great partnership!

In the social media realm, Hear Me is giving away free T-Shirts on Facebook.  Please "like" our page and register to win a free T-Shirt ( they're actually really nice!)