Seven Springs' Story Walk

We had a great time at Seven Springs’ Story Walk last weekend!

The weather was fantastic, the turnout was high and everyone we met was excited about the project.

We gave away about 15 personalized CanPals cans to kids.  We recorded their stories, transferred them to audio chips and put them in cans within minutes.  The kids made their own labels for the cans and we gave them free Hear Me T-shirts for participating.  We even had one group of siblings make a Hear Me video!

We worked in collaboration with David Pribish from PAEYC, who generously directed spectators towards the Hear Me tent.

We also the enjoyed the other groups and activities at Story Walk.

Children's books like "Where the Wild Things Are," and "Who's Shoes?" were read out loud at different stations around event.  There were giant cutouts of characters from the books as well as activities for kids.

Afterwards, we all got to experience Seven Springs’ alpine slide, which was a terrifying ride up for some but a fun ride down for everyone!